Our Mission

SinonTech provides Cyber and IT Security services to companies seeking protection against cyber threats. We take a rounded and in-depth approach utilising various methodologies that provide comprehensive protection to clients and ensure all angles are explored.

Our expertise is a mixture of open and close sources that when combined are presenting a comprehensive story about past and present.


Services include Cyber Intelligence, IT fleet management and IT Consulting.

IT Cosulting

  • Cyber Intelligence cosulting
  • IT Security
    SinonTech works to provide businesses with effective and efficient solutions to protect their physical infrastructure, networks and data from hacking, theft, damage and disruption. We help guard against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS), social engineering and phishing, vulnerabilities, malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
  • Security Operations centre (SOC) building
    For companies wishing to establish their own in-house Security Operations Center (SOC), SinonTech can create and/or source the technology, equipment and solutions required. For those wishing to outsource their incident response, we are equipped to monitor, detect , analyse potential attacks. We also work to ensure all incidents are properly investigated and reported.

  • DarkNet Analytics

    Combination of manual and automated (scripted) Cyber Threat Intelligence that adds value to our IP and domain intelligence untilizing our own Honey-pot VPS nodes deployed around the world to attract in malware in the wild and act as gathering points for script based analysis.

    Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

    Cobination of automated scripts and manual research combined togather in order to bring you closer to the front line including:
  • TOR/I2P/FreeNet Network Research
  • Hacker Forum Research (Open and invite only)
  • SinonTech Libarary of Hackers and Hacks
  • Malware Analysis
  • Bespoke Taskings
  • RSS feeds
  • Research VMs
  • Research Proxies/VPNs

  • Hosting

  • Dedicated
  • Shared (Colocation)
  • Rack renting

  • High Performance servers

  • Gaming
  • Graphic Design

  • Cloud Storage

  • Shared cloud storage (increments of 10 GB)
  • Dedicated Cloud Storage (Bespoke)
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